Every part of the body is dependent on water. The functions of our glands and organs will eventually deteriorate if they are not nourished with good clean water. Water is an excellent solvent and assimilation of vital nutrients and proteins occurs through absorption of water. Metabolism, digestion, blood flow and cellular reproduction depend on proper water supply.

If your body isn't properly hydrated, cells will draw water from your bloodstream, which causes your heart to work harder. Meanwhile, your kidneys can't properly purify your blood, and when that happens, some of the kidneys' workload is passed along to the liver and other organs, which can cause them to be severely stressed. Additionally, you can develop a number of minor health conditions such as constipation, dry and itchy skin, acne, nosebleeds, urinary tract infection, coughs, sneezing, sinus pressure, and headaches. Thus, clean water is essential to health. The water that we drink must be metabolically restructured before it is bio-available to our body. Pegasus Aqua MRET Water Activator does it for us.

Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) is patented by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D., US Patent No.6022479. During the process of activation the subtle low frequency electromagnetic field is imprinted into the water. It closely resembles the natural geomagnetic field found near the healing water springs. MRET Activated Water has modified molecular structuring, physical and electrodynamic characteristics and is compatible with the cell water dynamic multilayer molecular structuring described by Dr. Gilbert N. Ling. Such similarity contributes to easy bio-availability and fast assimilation of MRET water in biological systems. Due to its “super liquidity” MRET water easily penetrates through small porous and capillaries in the body, improves hydration and stimulates the proper function of cells in biological systems. MRET Water acts as a communication medium among the cells. It has many special physiological properties that make it ideal to help the body to restore its quota of properly structured bio-available water.

MRET Water supports the process of cellular regeneration by means of the hydration of cells with MRET Activated Water. It results in the proper function of cells and cellular structures which leads to normalization of metabolism and general revitalization of the body. MRET Water prevents cellular dehydration and slows down the process of aging closely related to the dehydration of cells. It improves the nutrient transport and assimilation as well as the detoxification of the body. The research conducted on MRET Water confirmed its antibacterial effect, as well as its ability to substantially increase the main factors of natural cellular resistance to infections and inflammations such as phagocytosys and immune responses, to inhibit the growth of mutated cells and to enhance the vitality of healthy cells.

MRET Activator is a household appliance, not a medical device. Any pure drinking water or other liquid food substances like milk, oil, juice or wine can be activated.



It is well known that the body of an average matured person consists of 70% of water (actually from 45% for old people up to 85% for babies) and the brain contains 90% of liquid. The disputes regarding the optimal amount of water for daily consumption have ceased and now most of the opponents refer to 1.5-2 liters a day. A question regarding what kind of water is good for health is still in the process of discussion. There are a lot of devices on the market which are claimed as producing the water beneficial for health. How to make a right choice?
In the last decades the serious scientific studies were conducted on biochemical, physical and microbiological properties of water. The short overview presented below will help to give answers to the questions which worry a lot of people:
  • What properties of water make the water beneficial for health?
  • Why does the water from certain natural water springs have beneficial, healing and rejuvenating properties?
  • And whether it is possible to have a source of such water at home?
Speaking about healing water people usually talk about such properties as the content of minerals, Redox potential (reduction-oxidation reaction), balanced ðÍ index and in the last years about the structure of water. The first three parameters are well-known and rather easy to measure in appropriate laboratories. The application of the term “structured water” and the description of properties of such water require the serious scientific investigations.
Is the water in which part of molecules are stuck together forming repeating geometrical structures or clusters and other free water molecules move around these structures. The more molecules of water form structures, and the longer they do not break up, the more effective is the process of water structuring. For example, the ice water remains structured during only several minutes after defrosting. The water inside and around the cells in biological systems has specific dynamic multilayer structuring as it was established in the last decades by world known microbiologists such as Dr. Gilbert Ling and Dr. Drost-Hansen. Only such structured water can effectively influence all life supporting processes both inside and outside the cells. For example, it has a unique capacity to create protective water "environment" around the big biological molecules and around the cells, thus, for instance, preventing the red blood cells from sticking together. Only the water with the structure and properties similar to the structured water in our organism is beneficial for the body and can produce healing effects.
In modern world we are subjected to numerous stresses and as a result our organism suffers from a lack of energy. Therefore, the body cannot always produce the necessary amount of structured water. In its turn a lack of structured water leads to the distortion of the work of all systems in the body and as result to even greater shortage of energy.


Pegasus Aqua MRET Water Activator structures the water before you drink it. Thus, you get a unique source of water with the beneficial, healing and rejuvenating properties at home. During the 30 minutes MRET activator will produce for you and your family 2 liters of structured water with beneficial properties which were extensively studied and confirmed by numerous biological and physical experiments at Certified Research Institutions and Universities. PEGASUS AQUA MRET WATER ACTIVATOR is a household appliance, not a medical device.


The process of MRET activation changes the structure of water and other liquids creating the long-range dynamic multilayer water molecular structures similar to the structures of cell water in biological systems. During the process of activation the water is subjected to the subtle low-frequency electromagnetic field comparable with geomagnetic field of the Earth in the areas around healing water springs. This spontaneous electromagnetic field is generated by unique MRET polymer compound with fractal structure which has properties compatible with the properties of the cellular fractal structures in living tissues. Therefore, such field can enter into a resonance with the electromagnetic signals of the cells in living organisms. The field generated by MRET polymer affects the water in the same way as the signals generated by the fractal structures of living tissues affect the cell water. As a result they structure MRET water similar to the cell water structuring. It is biologically safe process because MRET water is produced with the help of non-contact process from drinking water and remains chemically pure and non toxic. It can keep its structural basis and significant part of beneficial properties for a long time (not less than 24 hours at a room temperature and not less than 45 days refrigerated at a temperature of +4 degrees of Celsius).

Microbiological and physical properties of MRET activated water were studied in leading Research Institutions and Universities, presented at numerous International Scientific Conferences and published in scientific books and magazines.*

The structural changes in the water after MRET activation were confirmed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and High Voltage Photography testing. The researches of anomalous viscosity and electrodynamic characteristics of MRET water confirmed the long-range dynamic multilayer structuring of MRET water similar to cell water. Bioelectrical Impedance analysis showed the biological compatibility of MRET water with cell water as well as significantly enhanced hydration capacities of water after the process of MRET activation and its easy absorption by the tissues of the body.

The incredible health benefits of MRET water were demonstrated in the process of several biological investigations such as Oncology Research on 500 mice, Staphylococcal Infection Research on 400 mice, numerous experiments on Antibacterial Sterilizing Effects of MRET water and its Stimulating Effect on Metabolic (biological) Activity of Complex Microbiological Associations similar to microbiological flora in the intestine, Inhibition of Growth of Mutated Cells, Enhanced Morphology of Red Blood Cells and significant Rebounding Effect on White Blood Cells.**

As a summary it is possible to say that based on the research results the consumption of MRET water leads to the general revitalization of the body: it enhances the natural immune response including the main factors of natural cellular resistance to infections and inflammations such as phagocytosys (engulfing of alien cells and resistance of the body to the penetration and reproduction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms).


Unique properties and benefits of MRET activated water based on research results in animal models and in vitro
  • MRET water has a unique long-range dynamic structuring similar to cell water. It is compatible with cell water and as a result it has the enhanced hydration capacities and it is easy absorbed by the tissues of the body. MRET water penetrates into the cells and eliminates from the cells about three times faster than regular water.
  • Improves nutrient transport and assimilation due to the fact of faster hydration.
  • Accelerates and improves the processes of extermination of waste products out of the body and the detoxification of the body due to the enhanced cellular hydration.
  • The intensified hydration with the structured MRET water leads to the improvement of metabolism and of the process of regeneration of healthy cells. It also helps to slow down the process of ageing because this process is closely related to the cells dehydration. Therefore, the application of MRET water in cosmetic purposes improves the skin, strengthens and makes shine the hair.
  • MRET water has antibacterial effect. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and mutated cells and supports the life activity of normal healthy cells.
  • Aids in promoting healthy intestinal flora.
  • Enhances the natural immune response, including the factors of natural resistance of the body against the penetration and reproduction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms, such as phagocytosis, thus strengthening the resistance of the body to infections and inflammations.
  • MRET water enhances the morphology of red blood cells and improves the process of rebounding of white blood cells.
Is successfully applied in the USA, Canada, in a number of the European countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, Australia and Southern Africa.
The MRET Activating Device is constantly monitoring the usage and will give a Service Alarm after approximately 3 years of constant daily usage. When the time comes for your PEGASUS AQUA MRET Activator to be serviced, it will send out a constant and periodic beep signal during the Activation cycle. When this Service Alarm appears, please contact your nearest PEGASUS AQUA MRET Dealer to have it Serviced for Optimum performance.
You can drink MRET water following the principle "Listen to your body."
At the initial stage during the period of extraction of the toxins or in case of health problems it is recommended to begin the consumption of water starting with 0.5 glasses a day, gradually increasing the dosage up to 3 glasses a day. After the adaptation of the body to MRET water it is possible to continue to drink it as much as you like and also to prepare tea, coffee, soups and other liquid products on MRET water. Your pets will enjoy drinking MRET water. You can use it to water plants and flowers.


To get the best from the Pegasus Aqua MRET Activator, familiarize yourself with its operation by reading and understanding this manual. Should there be any queries, call your local representative or drop us a note at enquiries@pegasusaqua.com for further assistance. Keep the main activator unit clean and dry at all times.


  • It is best to wipe clean the bottle, the bottle cap and collars after use.
  • Use Light pressure when pressing on the Activator Button.
  • Periodically wash them with a mild detergent and dry them with a clean cloth
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The results of scientific researches, publications, scientific conferences and detailed information are presented on the patent owner’s website.

RESEARCHES IN ANIMAL MODELS confirmed: MRET water has very high hydration capacities and accelerates the intracellular/extracellular water exchange. It also enhances the natural immune response including the main factors of natural cellular resistance to infections and inflammations such as phagocytosys (engulfing of alien cells and resistance of the body to the penetration and reproduction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms).

Oncology Research on 500 mice: MRET water increased the life span by 61% and inhibited the tumor growth by 76% (during 3 weeks testing).

Staphylococcal Infection Research on 400 mice: 0% death rate of mice on MRET water verses 30% death rate on regular water (during 9 days testing).

Scientific Investigations in vitro: MRET water significantly inhibited the growth of bacteria and mutated cells by 70-100% and the growth of HeLa cancer cells by 54% (after 24 hours incubation)

Control tact = 30 min tact = 60 min  

The effect of MRET activation on the inhibition of growth of culture of Staphylococcus aureus

  tact = 60 min   tact = 30 min   Control  

The effect of MRET water on the growth of kallus tissue (mutated cells of botanical origin)