MRET® (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology)


The MRET® Water Activator is an easy to use household appliance to activate water in such a way that it optimally hydrates your body. Developed using the patented technology, MRET® Activator makes the water well-structured and suitable for better cellular hydration.

Pegasus Aqua’s MRET® Activator is a patented system that Alters the Molecular Structure of Water using a non-contact, non-chemical and bio-safe method.

MRET® Water Activator gives you better hydration. It changes the bond angle of H2O from 104.5° to 114.5° by utilising a MRET® patented technology. The bond angle of 114.5° is found in intracellular water molecules. With this change to the water that we drink even before we consume it, hydration becomes more efficient.

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