How does MRET Activated Water Benefit me?
MRET Activated Water can help to slow down the aging process, enhance cellular hydration and nutrient transport, increase the energy level, increase detoxification of the body, strengthen the immunity system, rejuvenate and moisturise the skin and help in the overall healing process of the body.
How much and how regular should I drink MRET Activated Water?
Scientific research indicates that a person should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. You are encouraged to drink as much as possible.
Can I wash in MRET Activated Water?
Yes, the enhanced hydrogen bond actually balances the water’s pH, making it “softer”. Some users reported positively on improved skin conditions, faster healing of wounds and a good therapeutic effect on skin
Does MRET Activated Water contain any drug or preservatives?
No, MRET Activated Water System works on a non-contact principle. The Activator will not come into contact with water being treated. It will not add or release any foreign substance into water.
How does MRET Activated Water improve cell hydration?
The ability to restructure water so that it becomes bio-available to our cells takes up energy, this ability decreases with age. Notice how older persons are unable to have more elastic skin? The cells are basically dehydrated and no matter how much liquid is consumed, little or no improvements can be noticed. This is because liquid is not adequately absorbed at the cellular level. The cells will readily absorb MRET Activated Water, being bio-available.
Can I wash fruits and vegetables with MRET Activated Water?
Yes, it actually keeps the washed vegetables and fruits longer and fresher in the refrigerator.
Is MRET Technology a filtration system?
It is not a filtration system. The water being treated will not come into contact with the activator.